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Start here! Please read the steps and instructions below to familiarize yourself with our admission steps and application process.

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Admissions 101

For more detailed information about the undergraduate admission and application process for programs that offer direct entry from high school, see the Admissions 101 section below.

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Choose Your Programs

Use our Programs and Requirements search tool to browse over 200 undergraduate program options.

As a new student you can list two programs on your application, so be sure to explore your options (returning students or current students transferring programs have one choice of program)

Check the Requirements

Use our Programs and Requirements search tool to check the admission requirements for your program(s) of interest.

If you're a high school student in Canada, you can use the Am I Eligible function to input your grades to assess your eligibility for the program. Start by searching for the program you are interested in, then use the Am I Eligible button on the right-hand side to determine your eligibility for that program.

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Start Your Application


Begin your online application by clicking on the 'Start Your Application' button above.

Note: We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari as your web browser when filling out your application as all versions of Internet Explorer are not supported for use with the online application.


If you are unable to submit your application online, you may download a PDF application form. Applicants to Campus Saint-Jean may submit the Campus Saint-Jean PDF application form.


  • Opening date: October 1 is the opening date for high school students to apply for admission. The opening date for all other applicants is the next business day after July 1 of each year.
  • Closing date: May 1 is the deadline to apply for all programs that offer direct entry from high school. Be sure to check the Programs and Requirements search tool for program-specific deadlines. See Notices and Deadlines for a list of deadline extensions.


  • $125 for undergraduate students new to the university
  • $75 for current or former UAlberta undergraduate students (including those from Augustana)
  • The application fee is nonrefundable
  • For online applications, the fee is payable by Visa or Mastercard
  • For paper applications, the fee is payable by Visa, Mastercard, cheque, or money order

Check Your Email

After you submit your application you will receive an email with your new seven-digit student ID number. Within two business days, you will also receive a separate email containing your Campus Computing ID (CCID) and password. Use this to log into your UAlberta email account.

It is important for you to check your UAlberta email account on a regular basis as this is how the university will communicate with information about your application. Learn More »

Sign in to Bear Tracks

You will also need your CCID to access Bear Tracks, our secure online student service system. Once you’ve logged in to Bear Tracks, you’ll be able to:

  • Check your Application and Admissions Status
  • Check your To-Do List
After we receive all of your outstanding items, we will update your application status to "Complete." If and when you receive Admission, you’ll also be able to register in courses on Bear Tracks (see step 10).

Apply for Scholarships

The University of Alberta offers more than $22 million in scholarships and awards to undergraduates each year.

Learn more and apply for scholarships online »

Apply for Residence

Apply early! April 30 is the deadline for guaranteed housing for first-year students on North Campus.

Learn more about all our Residence options »

Submit Your Documents

Make sure to submit your final documents, transcripts, and any other outstanding items required as part of your application. Log in to Bear Tracks and click on your "To-Do List" for more information, including deadlines and requirements.

  • Alberta high school students: The University will obtain your provincial high school transcripts automatically as part of the application process. 
  • High school students outside of Alberta: You must ensure that a copy of your transcript is sent directly to the university from your province’s issuing authority.

Learn more about submitting transcripts and other required documents »

Accept Your Admission Offer

Log in to Bear Tracks to accept your offer and pay the $500 tuition deposit by the deadline indicated in Bear Tracks.

Note that you are still required to meet the conditions stated in your admission offer, even after you have accepted.

For more information, see How to Accept.

Register in Courses

Once you have accepted your admission offer and paid the $500 deposit, you will be notified of your enrolment date and will be eligible to register in courses on Bear Tracks, beginning in April. Visit Registration 101 for more information about registration for first year students or to sign up for a Registration 101 Workshop.

International Students - Study Permits

International students attending high school in Canada must also obtain a study permit as part of their application process. For more information please visit our International Students page.

Admissions 101

Please see below for important information about the undergraduate admission and application process. Note that this applies only to programs that offer direct entry from high school.

Admission is Competitive

Admission is not guaranteed based on a specified admission average. Your grades will be weighed competitively against those of other applicants. When determining your competitiveness for a particular program, last year’s final competitive averages can provide a good guide. (Please note, however, that this year’s final competitive average may end up being different than last year’s, and may change throughout the course of the year.). 

Last year’s final competitive ranges for admission to each faculty, as well as the projected competitive ranges for this upcoming year are available on the Admission Averages page.

See also: Programs & Requirements

Apply Early!

You can apply using final Grade 11 grades

The earlier you apply, the earlier your application can be processed, which increases your chances of receiving an offer at the earliest possible date. It also means you’ll hear about scholarship and residence offers sooner.

Your application for admission will be considered based on the earliest indicators of your success. If you are currently in Grade 12, you can apply now using your final Grade 11 grades.

If you are a highly competitive student, you may be admitted based on your final Grade 11 grades alone, although most students will need to present some Grade 12 grades in order to be considered. Your admission offer will generally be based upon five required courses using a combination of final Grade 11 and final Grade 12 grades available after the end of your first semester. (For linear schools, interim Grade 12 grades issued directly by your high school will be accepted.)

Minimum grade requirements: Each interim and final Grade 12 course grade must be 50% or higher (based on a 50% pass scale), and each final Grade 11 course grade must be 65% or higher.

If you receive an offer of admission based on Grade 11 grades or a combination of Grade 11 and Grade 12 grades, be sure to read your offer letter carefully to note any conditions stated (see below).

Note: Transcripts are required as part of your application process (see steps above). If you receive an offer of admission prior to completing Grade 12, another transcript that reflects all of your final Grade 12 grades will need to be provided. University of Alberta will proactively pull transcripts for all Alberta students.

Single, Firm Offers

Our admission process is simple: we will send you a single, firm offer, with only a few basic conditions attached (see below). This will help you make your decision earlier, and with more certainty. Please note that "Early Admission" is no longer offered by the University of Alberta.

Offer Conditions

In order to retain your offer of admission, you must meet the conditions stated in your offer. An offer of admission is only valid for the term(s) and program specified in the offer.

Note: Students applying to the Faculty of Engineering are required to present a competitive average with their final Grade 12 grades.

Admission Offer Timing

If you are currently in high school, and you apply in the fall or early new year, you will most likely receive an admission decision in March. If you have already completed Grade 12, or have highly competitive Grade 11 grades, you may receive an offer as early as December.

Offer Acceptance and Tuition Deposit

If you receive an offer of admission, you will need to accept it – and pay the tuition deposit – by the deadline indicated in the offer, in order to secure your place at the U of A. Instructions on how to accept your offer and how to pay the deposit will be included in the admission offer.

See also: Admission Steps 9-10 (above)

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • June 1: Deadline to accept your admission offer and pay the $500 tuition deposit
    • Students who are offered admission after May 1 will have a later deadline, which will be stated in the offer
    • Award recipients must accept admission offers and pay the required tuition deposit by June 1 or they will not be eligible to receive offered scholarships
  • June 15: Deadline for post-secondary transfer applicants to submit outstanding documents
  • August 1: Deadline for high school applicants to submit outstanding documents

For a complete listing of application and document deadlines for a given year, refer to the corresponding version of the University of Alberta Calendar. If you have questions about which version of the Calendar you should be referring to, please visit the Registrar’s Office website.