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Our students are makers and doers. Artists and performers. Athletes and adventurers. Researchers and entrepreneurs. Community builders and volunteers. And they all have one thing in common: they've started their journey at the University of Alberta.

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In this video, we follow several undergraduate students as they take advantage of some of the unique opportunities available to them at the U of A. From nanofab labs to business incubators, from living in residence to simulating life on mars, there are some experiences that only a major, research-based university like the University of Alberta can provide.

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Start Here: Student Journeys

Meet four UAlberta students with four different stories of where they started and where they've ended up.

Scott Stewart (BSc '13) has always known that he wanted to be a doctor. Now, as a second-year medical student, his dream is coming true.

Paven Korotana (BSc '14) moved to Edmonton from BC to attend the U of A. Now that she’s graduated, the former UAlberta Ambassador reflects on how she adjusted to university life.

Kristiann McCool (BComm '15) has taken advantage of many of the opportunities her faculty and program have afforded her – including the Business Co-op program and a term spent studying abroad.

Josh Le (BComm '14) started in one program and ended up in another – a common experience for undergraduate students.