Money Matters

Your education is an investment in your future and one that will only increase in value over time - so budget wisely and plan ahead!

The cost of your education will vary depending on your program, as well as your choice of living arrangements. Our Cost Calculator will help you estimate tuition and fees for your first year of university, with the option to include Residence fees if you plan to live on campus.

Sample Cost Estimates for First Year

The following sample estimate is based on 2015-16 tuition figures for a full course load in a general Arts program. 

Tuition and non-instructional fees are subject to change every year, and other faculties and programs may have different costs. Use our Cost Calculator to estimate your tuition and fees.

Sample Cost Estimates
Tuition Fees $5,321
Non-Instructional Fees* $1,514
Books & Supplies $1,600
TOTAL $8,435
Residence & Meal Plan** $7,034
TOTAL (in residence) $15,469

Non-instructional fees include student services such as health & wellness, athletics & recreation, and the U-Pass transit pass. For complete information about tuition and fees at the University of Alberta, visit Costs, Tuition, Fees.

** Based on a shared room in Lister Hall for eight months, including a mid-range meal plan. See Residence Services for a complete listing of residences fees and options.

Value of a Degree

Today's employers are seeking employees with global awareness, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and strong communication and interpersonal skills. A university education equips students not only with job skills and training, but with the adaptability and resilience required to succeed in today’s rapidly changing global economy.

On average, Bachelor’s degree graduates have a 75 per cent lifetime income advantage (approximately $1.4 million) over those with other types of trades certificates and diplomas. University graduates are typically employed in an area connected to their studies soon after graduation. At the University of Alberta, on average, 97 per cent of students find work within two years of graduating.

(Source: Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada)

Scholarships and Awards

The University of Alberta administers over $22 million in awards each year, including entrance awards for students entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program. Entrance awards are available in the following categories: Academic Excellence, Scholastic Distinction, and Entrance Leadership. The deadline for application-based awards is December 15, 2015. Learn more »

Financial Support

In addition to scholarships and awards, the university offers several financial support services for undergraduate students, from money-management workshops and one-on one advising sessions to emergency loans and bursaries for those in need. Learn more »

Student Loan 101 Workshops

Each summer we host Student Loan 101 Workshops to help prospective students (who are residents of Alberta) navigate the student loan system. Attendees will apply for their Alberta Student Loan during the workshop! Learn more »