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We know you're busy, so we've summarized all the important information and updates you need to know about the University of Alberta at a glance.

Counsellor Update Workshops

Each fall the University of Alberta hosts Counsellor Update Workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. During these workshops we provide updated information on admissions, student life, and programs, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and to network with fellow counsellors.

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Admission Information

Application Opening Date

For high school students planning on applying to the 2016-17 term, the opening date for applications is October 1, 2015.

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the U of A is competitive; students are not guaranteed admission based on achieving specific grades.

The best way to determine what grades will be required for a particular faculty or program is to look at last year’s final competitive averages for that faculty. These ranges are published in the enclosed charts, with the most up-to-date figures available online.

As a general rule, for direct-entry programs, students must present a competitive average across the five high school subjects required for their program of choice. For details on the particular requirements of each program, see the charts in the Viewbook, or visit Programs & Requirements.

Mature Students (nonmatriculated applicants) may be granted special consideration in the admissions process for certain programs. Please visit Other Routes to see further details.

Application & Offer Timing

Students are encouraged to apply early, as they will be considered for admission based on the earliest indicators of their success.

Students can apply beginning October 1 of their Grade 12 year, using their final Grade 11 marks. In some cases, high-achieving students may receive an offer based on these Grade 11 marks alone. Most students will need to present some combination of final Grade 11 and final first-semester Grade 12 marks in order to be considered.

For linear schools, we will accept interim Grade 12 grades, provided that they reflect at least half of the course content. If students are not eligible the first time they are assessed, they will be re-assessed once they submit new final marks.

For more details on evaluation criteria, visit Admissions 101 »

Admission Offers

Qualified applicants will receive a single, firm admission offer in the spring. Offers may have some basic conditions attached, but students will only receive one offer. (Please note that we no longer offer “Early” or “Final” admission – just “Admission.”)

Offer Acceptance & Retention

Students who receive an admission offer need to accept their offer by the deadline in order to secure their place at the U of A.

As part of the offer acceptance process, students must pay a $500 tuition deposit. This amount is credited towards their final tuition fees. Students can accept their offer by logging in to Bear Tracks and clicking “Accept Offer” next to the program of their choice. In order to retain their admission offer, students must meet any conditions stated in the offer letter.

Students applying to the Faculty of Engineering will be required to maintain a competitive average in their required Grade 12 courses. For the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview on admissions and requirements, visit Admissions 101.

Dates & Deadlines

Please familiarize yourself with these important dates and deadlines:

What's New at the U of A?

PAW Centre

Our brand new Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Centre is now open! This state-of-the-art facility on North Campus is home to our new student fitness and recreation facilities, including a 64-foot indoor climbing wall – one of the finest of its kind in Canada. Be sure to come check it out at Open House or on your next campus visit!

Bachelor of Kinesiology

The name of the Bachelor of Physical Education degree (BPE) has been changed to Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin).

The Bachelor of Kinesiology program, offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, provides a broad approach to the study of human movement, from both an arts and science perspective, as it relates to exercise, athletic performance, and the promotion of long-term health. Within the program, students will choose a specific major: Adapted Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Health, Sport Coaching, Sport Performance, or a self-designed Individualized Major. 

The Faculty will continue to offer its Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree (BScKin), which is a specialized science degree with a specific focus on human movement. Learn more »

New Science Honors Degree

The Faculty of Science is now offering a new Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Mathematics and Finance, in addition to the Mathematics and Finance Specialization. The Honors program offers a diverse education in mathematics, finance, economics and actuarial sciences. It also includes a management science component and is a great choice for students who are interested in becoming a Financial Analyst. Learn more »

Medicine Requirements

Specific prerequisite course requirements will no longer be required for entry into the Doctor of Medicine program. All other admission requirements will remain the same, including cumulative GPA, Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Personal Activities, Reference Letter, and Interview. Learn more »


New Admission Requirements

Augustana will now accept Math 30-2 (or Math 30-1) for the following programs: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major and Environmental Studies Major.

Counsellor Preview Days

Augustana is now reserving space at Preview Days for high school counsellors. Preview Days are a great way for counsellors to experience Augustana for themselves, or to bring a few students. Tour campus, learn about admission requirements, have lunch, and speak with the Dean, the Assistant Dean of External Relations, and the Director of Student and Residence Services. We have limited space reserved for counsellors so please contact Lucas Hudec at to reserve your spot.

Edmonton Spring Counsellor Session

Join us for the Edmonton Spring Counsellor Session in early 2016! During this event, you will have an opportunity to attend sessions that will provide you with important information on next steps for your grade 12 students, programs, unique experiences students will have at the U of A, the admission process, and more! Please check back for more information on the 2016 session.

School Visits

Every year, our friendly Recruitment Team visits hundreds of schools across North America.

Let us come to you! Our recruiters would be happy to give a presentation at your school. If we are unable to visit your school in person, why not try a virtual visit? We would be pleased to set up an online presentation staffed with UAlberta advisors just for your school! Email the Recruitment Office at for more information.

Aboriginal Liaisons

The University of Alberta is home to a diverse and welcoming community of over 1,000 Aboriginal students from across the country. Please visit our Aboriginal Students page for detailed information about admissions and applying, programming (including the Transition Year Program), student services and support, events (including Aboriginal Student Discovery Day), Aboriginal student housing, declaring Aboriginal ancestry, etc.

Aboriginal Liaison E-Newsletter

The Office of the Registrar sends a monthly e-newsletter specifically for Aboriginal liaisons that provides highlights and updates on specific programs, events, services, and community information for Aboriginal students at the University of Alberta.

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Aboriginal Recruitment Coordinator

The University of Alberta also has an Aboriginal Recruitment Coordinator who is available to assist First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students who are considering applying for post-secondary. The Aboriginal Recruitment Coordinator can provide support through one-on-one advising and assistance with a variety of topics, including admissions and applying, Aboriginal student housing, awards and funding, student life, etc. You can contact the Aboriginal Recruitment Coordinator at or 780.492.6540.


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